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I'm an older than I want to admit writer/simmer/simtographer. I have more aspirations than I have time in the day and there is pretty much nothing that can keep me away from me game for too long.

In my excitement about comicon I’m starting work on a few sim versions of people that I hope will be there. This is my WIP Felcia Day sim. Opinions? Tweeks?

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  2. blackcatsims said: She looks amazing! The only things I can think of to improve her would be her top lip needs more shape and her bottom lip needs less width.
  3. jettschae said: Her eyes don’t quite look the same, and I believe the bridge of her nose is thinner. Other than that looks great!! =D
  4. engrampixels said: I’d move the apex of the top eyelid more towards the outside, make the eyes slightly smaller and the chin more rounded (it’s a touch too pointed at the moment or maybe it’s the angle of the picture giving that impression). Damn accurate, though :)
  5. tinkerbelch said: ah she is prefect? ^_^
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