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I'm an older than I want to admit writer/simmer/simtographer. I have more aspirations than I have time in the day and there is pretty much nothing that can keep me away from me game for too long.

I have two possible contestants for Mia’s Big and Beautiful competition. Brooke and Maya. HELP! Which one should I go for?

  1. pibsims answered: brooke
  2. strelitzia19 answered: O_O They’re both stunning!!! No wonder you’re having trouble choosing. I think my favourite, by the tiniest of smidges is Maya.
  3. burntsugarsimblr said: Elliot says the one with the blue shirt :p
  4. suckmysims answered: The one with the black and purple shirt, maya?
  5. ubastisbast answered: They’re both gorgeous. Not helping much, I’m afraid. ;)
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