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I'm an older than I want to admit writer/simmer/simtographer. I have more aspirations than I have time in the day and there is pretty much nothing that can keep me away from me game for too long.

Second round for TheSims4Challenge

Searching for life on Dirt, no wait what is it called again? Earth? Yes, Earth (ridiculous name) was Nova’s latest mission. Normally she loved her job, the flora and fauna of the 42 planets in quadrant X-3-Alpha-Prime was the most amazing, life changing, journey. This little backwards planet, with its sapient primates (now that is an appropriate name!) has been eye-opening in an entirely different way. Nova is now neck deep in trying to understand the so called social structure of this primate race and beyond fascinated. Two years overdue for her return she has only scratched the surface. Now if only they didn’t run screaming every time she tried to meet them! 

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Guess who has a new theme

<——-This girl! 

Thanks Kaleeko for your help!

Sims 4 update of Rowan Crisp. I do love him so

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